Coca-Cola Family Field Day


Coca-Cola engages in a community development program where the brand identifies underserved city areas, and invests in them by renovating or creating public parks. The goal was to make the brand a part of local communities, while also promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Coca-Cola asked MELT to develop a plan to help announce the grand openings of these locations.


MELT created a grand opening event entitled, Family Field Day. A fun, exciting, and interactive event, Family Field Day invites the public to participate in a day’s worth of activities at the new park. All activities are designed to promote activity and drive interaction between community members. Local public figures and dignitaries are invited to participate and promote the event in order to drive awareness for the new park. MELT developed a toolkit of materials to get the word out, created opportunities for sampling Coca-Cola’s lineup of products, developed branded products to give away to community members.



By the end of 2015 Coca-Cola will have executed 10 Family Field Day events across the country. Each event has exceeded participation projections, helped by local stations and publications promoting the event to the community. In Los Angeles, participation at the event was 7 times higher than expected! Local officials, such as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, have helped announce the openings at each Coca-Cola Family Field Day. Most importantly, Coca-Cola has helped thousands of people in each community get out and be active.

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