Kia Chick-Fil-A Kickoff


Kia needed a way build on the success of a record-breaking summer. They asked MELT to develop a program that reached college football fans in order create brand awareness and educate fans on their lineup of American built vehicles available nearby. Ultimately Kia wanted to create new potential customers in the southeast, the highest sales volume region for the brand in the country.


MELT identified the Chick-Fil-A kickoff as the perfect event to engage potential customers in the southeast, and created an experience that enticed fans to come to the space and learn about the Kia lineup. Auburn fans were given an incredible incentive in exchange for taking the time to learn about Kia: the chance to interact and take a photo with local legendary coach Pat Dye. Fans were also given a eye black to display at the games, which contained contact information for their local Kia dealership, as well as the chance to take home materials about any Kia product they were interested in.


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