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In 2014 The Coca-Cola Company entered into an agreement with ESPN for Coke Zero to become a sponsor of the premier college football pregame show, College GameDay. The popularity of the show amongst the millennial audience made it a great pairing for the Coke Zero brand. The challenge was that the show had been dominated by the marketing presence of the title sponsor, The Home Depot. The Coca-Cola Company tasked MELT with creating an on-site experience that created awareness and excitement for the Coke Zero brand with a fraction of the space afforded to The Home Depot.


MELT developed an ownable, premier fan destination at College GameDay broadcasts, titled Section Zero. Section Zero was the place to be for the most passionate. Fans were given a preferred location for the show, surprised weekly with former players, coaches and celebrities in the section, and given samples of Coke Zero to create brand enthusiasts. Section Zero became a hub of content integration for Coke Zero during broadcasts. Coke Zero created social challenges for students to earn VIP passes to Section Zero, shared content from the College GameDay locations all season long, and utilized College GameDay talent to promote the fun and excitement of being part of the Section Zero experience.



Section Zero has been a great success for Coke Zero, and continues to be a part of College GameDay today. The brand created over 400 million social media impressions during the season, and its social media engagement increased by a staggering 272%! Section Zero trended in the top 10 on Twitter multiple times during the season. The brand was able to give away over 75,000 samples of Coke Zero at College GameDay broadcasts, creating new brand enthusiasts across the country. Coke Zero also enjoys the second highest brand recall on the broadcast, trailing slightly behind the title sponsor despite only a fraction of its presence. Coke Zero is building on the success of this program with an even bigger presence in 2015.


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