Powerade NCAA March Madness


Powerade needed to create an on-site plan at the 2015 NCAA Final Four that paid off the brand’s “Just a Kid” campaign with an authentic basketball experience. As the official sports drink of the NCAA, the brand wanted to hydrate both athletes and fans during the Final Four festivities.


Powerade was featured throughout the host city as a key NCAA partner. First, MELT created a unique fan experience at the NCAA March Madness Music Festival that engaged with fans through a unique basketball experience. The space featured a branded basketball court, a space for fans to show off their best slam dunk, customized “Just a Kid” t-shirt printing, and photo ops for fans that were immediately available to fans. The experience also included the Powerade Dunk Team, which performed trick dunks to a packed space multiple times during the festivities.

At the NCAA Fan Fest MELT created a Powerade combine where fans could put their basketball skills to the test. Stations were created for fans to shoot, dribble, and run, with top scores posted on the jumbotron throughout the day. Fans were rewarded immediately with branded prizes and hydrated with free product throughout the experience. The space also featured a pop-up Powerade store to highlight all the new products available for purchase online.

Powerade also engaged kids through the NCAA Final Four Dribble event and hosted Youth Clinics during the week.



The 2015 program was successful on a number of fronts. The brand successfully gave away over 46,000 samples of its products. The music festival saw massive participation in all facets, and up to 30% of fans shared their experiences on Facebook & Twitter. The brand created 2.56 million impressions on social from its experiences at the local festivities. Thousands of fans participated in the combine, Dribble, and youth clinics, helping create new brand enthusiasts for years to come.

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