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ADA’s Father of the Year Video Featuring MELT CEO Vince Thompson

“I was honored on the most special night of my life to be one of the 2015 ADA Father of the Year. The video featured my natural-born son Carter, my adopted family of Gwen, Stefhan and Chelsea; my former wife and co-parent Tracey and my business partner of nine years, Michelle.

My parents, friends and MELT team members joined me on this special occasion and I wanted to share this video as a slice of my personal philosophy of “to much has been given, much is expected.”

I hope you enjoy it!

Vince Thompson

Non-Profit Group Safe Harbor Yes Releases Video Created With MELT To Encourage Amendment 2 Votes

MELT, the award-winning, Atlanta-based sports and entertainment marketing firm announced this week their collaboration with nonprofit group Safe Harbor Yes. The group worked with MELT to release a video PSA encouraging voters to choose yes on their ballots for The Safe Harbor Sexually Exploited Children Fund, known as Amendment 2.

The video, led by Joselyn Baker of Butler Baker Communications on behalf of the Safe Harbor Yes team and created by MELT showcases the importance of creating a safe recovery for sexually exploited children and communicates the necessity to vote for Amendment 2 in the state of Georgia during the upcoming 2016 election.

“We would also like to recognize [MELT] for their longstanding commitment to the issue of child sex trafficking and willingness to engage in this important issue that impacts families and communities throughout our state,” said a representative of the Safe Harbor Vote Yes team.

All teams involved have been moved by the video’s topical message and powerful delivery. MELT creative teams worked to ensure that the video illustrated both the need for and impact of dedicated funding for child sex trafficking victims.

“Melt is so proud to help this cause and raise awareness for this vitally important amendment,” said MELT Chairman/ CEO Vince Thompson.

MELT CEO Vince Thompson to receive Wellspring Living’s HOPE Award at Innocence Restored Gala at the High Museum in Atlanta

Wellspring Living, the Atlanta-based non-profit that serves and cares for young girls and women who have experienced the worst elements of society including abuse, trafficking, poverty and homelessness, will hold its annual gala event this weekend at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. The black-tie optional gala is the organization’s largest annual fundraiser, features a spectacular evening of dinner and dancing and includes speakers to present the impact of the issues and survivors who will share their stories of recovery.

This year’s HOPE Award honoree, to be given out at Saturday’s event, will be MELT CEO Vince Thompson. The award was created to honor individuals, organizations and/or companies who give hope to the girls and women of Wellspring Living, through their commitment to raise funds, build awareness and deepen the reach of Wellspring Living providing the survivors the opportunities to live and dream again.

“Vince Thompson and MELT have been incredibly supportive to the work of Wellspring Living,” says Mary Frances Bowley, Wellspring Living founder and chief strategic officer. “Vince and his amazing team have assisted us in creating collateral to tell our story more effectively and shared their invaluable network of relationships. Through our partnership, we are building capacity to serve so many more girls and women who are survivors or at risk of trafficking.”

MELT recently co-hosted a Wellspring Living event with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens at the College Football Hall of Fame and will be assisting in the launch of Bowley’s second book, Make It Zero, in January.

Project GOALS Haiti

MELT Founder/CEO Vince Thompson traveled in early June with his sons Carter and Stefhan to Leogane, Haiti on behalf of Project Goals Soccer to learn more about the project that uses soccer as a motivational and educational tool. The project is designed to encourage Haitian youth to pursue a meaningful educational path. While in Leogane, Thompson met and spent time with Fritz Pierre-Louis, the incoming president of The Leogane Rotary and involved locally with Project Goals as one of the main sponsors. As further fate would have it, Pierre-Louis was going to be in Atlanta the next week for the Rotary International Convention that attracted tens of thousands of Rotarians from around the world. While in Atlanta, Thompson asked Pierre-Louis to address his MELT University interns and so he connected with Julia Miller – one of the MELT University class of 2017 interns.

Miller is a rising senior at Kennesaw State University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Media Studies. In 2014 Miller received The East Cobb Lions Club Scholarship and in 2012 started her Holy Water Foundation to create events to raise money to help provide clean water for people worldwide. Thanks to the connection with Fritz Pierre-Louis, Miller was able to travel to Haiti this summer and carry out her dream of engaging the Holy Water Foundation there. On the course of the trip, Miller had a chance to interact with some of the team members and players of Project Goals, all adorned in their MELT soccer jerseys Thompson and his sons left as a gift for the teams and players.

Miller’s Holy Water Foundation works in providing clean drinking water for people worldwide. It all happened during Miller’s stint at MELT University, the award-winning summer internship program provided by MELT.

“I’m so proud of Julia for her initiative and leadership and very thankful that Fritz and his family and folks at Project Goals have opened their doors and hearts to her,” said Thompson. “Julia is an outstanding example of the leaders oftomorrow that MELT seeks in its future executives as well as she is a great representative of a great university such as KSU. We are all proud of her!”

Wellspring Living

Wellspring Living’s mission is to transform the lives of those at risk or victimized by sexual exploitation. Their vision is for a world to exist where every victim of sexual exploitation has access to transformative care.

MELT & CEO/Founder Vince Thompson has been committed to helping change this troublesome landscape by volunteering his time and agency services to the cause within the Atlanta community.

2015 Wellspring Living Event at the College Football Hall of Fame

Vince Thompson & Mary Frances Bowley