Award-winning innovation and unrivaled execution have put MELT at the top of the field in creating experiential events that not only gain the attention of audiences, but drive actual consumer engagement with big-thinking brands. Our event teams create experiences that result in consumer conversion and brand affinity growth. We integrate entertainment, brand ambassadors, product sampling, digital interactive and social engagement, relevant influencers and premier talent to create fully immersive experiences. From intimate VIP events with today’s top artists and celebrities, to massive multi-day fan festivals with hundreds of thousands in attendance, MELT gets it done. Check out our case studies and see for yourself

Americans are consuming more content through more platforms with greater access and variety than at any time in history. They’re also onto your advertising game (#Ad). MELT’s content creators know how to get above the fray by creating content for a new generation of consumers. The script has been flipped and its consumer first, brand second. We’re taking the “Brand” out of Branded Content and putting the focus on great storytelling that advances the values, heart, and soul of your brand. Let your logo take a backseat for these stories. Your logo is not your brand—your story is. Whether long form broadcast or a 6-second Snapchat ad, we craft stories that connect.
We are past the point of asking IF Social Media should be part of any event or campaign. It’s a matter of HOW. There are an infinite number of channels out there, and picking the right ones for a campaign is just the start. Our experienced strategists, community managers, content producers and designers have you covered from the moment we brainstorm until the final recap is written. With some of the most sophisticated analytical tools available – and a couple of statistical nerds at the helm – MELT tracks everything associated with the campaign. Through the power of numbers and creativity, we can shift any campaign in real-time to get it where it needs to be.
Interactive Marketing is more than just designing a slick app or website. We’re about innovating. Our Interactive team creates meaningful user engagements on the web, through social, and at event activations. Security, analytics, UI/UX, optimization… we’ve got that covered. Let us elevate your consumer’s experience to new heights of interactivity. Leverage immersive content in Augmented and Virtual Reality that connects to your brand story. Connect your event sponsorship to your consumer through social, geo and proximity tracking, and unique touchpoints. High tech, low tech, and everything in between, we use all of the tools in the interactive arsenal to engage audiences. Immerse consumers. Make an impression. The possibilities are limitless.
In the ever-changing, highly competitive world of retail marketing, stores demand unique, omni-channel retail campaigns that no competitor can duplicate. We identify the needs of both the brand and retailer to develop campaigns that engage consumers before they ever enter a store, and continue the conversation long after they have left. It’s all done in order to impact decisions at the moment of truth, which inevitably will build the affinity brands crave in order to gain that premium space over and over again.
In 2015, Vince Thompson founded MELT Culinary as a new division aimed at unifying chefs and the culinary community globally to offer CPG companies insight and innovation as the company faces rapid growth in consumption habits. MELT Culinary has created innovative activations for global brands such as The Coca-Cola Company and plan on growing this area of the agency.