Melt created and managed the 2022 SEC/HBCU Fall Football tour in conjunction with their partnership with SEC, Coach Nick Saban, Coach Deon Sanders, the University of Alabama and Jackson State University. An extension of “The House of the Unexpected” from Aflac’s Final Four activation, Melt created a multip faceted Digital locker room and game day experience.


The locker room consisted of a digital connection with fans using a QR code to start connecting. Once registered, the fan was given options to choose a pep talk from either Coach Saban or Coach Sanders. Then thy were brough into team Aflac by seeing a digital jersey rotating around in the locker that was customized with Fans last name on the back. A 360 degree cam provided a fun take-a-way from the locker room. Next fans/team members attempted to kick winning field goals for the team and then rounded out their experience with an indoor tailgate with games and the Aflac duck.

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