Legendary professional football player, Cam Newton, approached MELT for the debut of his new cigar club in his hometown of Atlanta, MELT helped Cam create his vision for the club, including the name, Fella ship, and all the branding. This included a unique logo that encompassed all the brand’s values. Based on Cam’s favorite script, the logo is the perfect unique and recognizable representation of Fellaship, earning an honorable mention in brand design with C2A, creative communication award.

Events continued through the weekend and concluded Sunday with a Super Bowl viewing party hosted by Cam and other high-profile celebrities in town for the festivities. Events included:

“The Art of Smoking” – featuring some of the finest artwork from Cam’s private collection, guests were the first to indulge in Fellaship’s exquisite culinary offerings, spirits and hand-rolled cigars.

“Welcome to the 404” – Celebrated an evening of sports, culture, fashion, food and music. This event featured the global introduction of 404 Vodka, backed by MLB Hall of Famer and Georgia Native, Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas.

“Best Seat in the House” – Intimate viewing of the Super Bowl in the shadow of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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