The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted college students dramatically for the 2020 Summer, leaving thousands without internship opportunities across many fields.

With companies forced to work remote and new virtual learning environments, the pandemic has provided an amazing opportunity to reimagine MELT U. Through making the MELT U completely virtual, MELT can still provide that once in a lifetime experience, while creating digital contact to extend the program to thousands.

This intensive program will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to students through unprecedented access to industry leaders and knowledge. The program will carry a format similarly to a typical Summer college class with Tuesday and Thursday lecture sessions and a mid-week Lunch & Learn live on Zoom.


Alumni Spotlight: Hailey Curtis

Alumni Spotlight: Hailey Curtis

Hailey graduated from LSU and interned for MELT U in 2015. She was later brought on to the MELT creative team as a Junior Graphic Designer and is currently a Graphic Designer for Carter’s Inc.

My journey with MELT began …