Hailey graduated from LSU and interned for MELT U in 2015. She was later brought on to the MELT creative team as a Junior Graphic Designer and is currently a Graphic Designer for Carter’s Inc.

My journey with MELT began when I interned with the creative department the summer before my senior year of college at LSU. The experience I gained during the two months at MELT was more than a class could ever teach me. I loved every second of the internship and thought about MELT every day my senior year of college. I was motivated to finish college and hopefully return to MELT upon graduation. Fortunately, MELT offered me a full time position as a Junior Graphic Designer right after graduating from LSU–I was thrilled! I moved from Louisiana to Atlanta for the opportunity of a lifetime.

MELT has given me so much since the first time I walked in the office. I’ve learned a lot about myself, developed professionally and enhanced my talents. MELT U provides students with an opportunity school would never be able to provide. I’m so grateful for the experience I gained during my internship. I went into my senior year with an upper hand: an experience no one else in my class had. Working full time at MELT has been the best first job anyone could ask for.