MELT U Speaker Series Podcast
MELT U Speaker Series Podcast
Episode 94: Corey Gibbs Founder & CEO at Elite Entertainment Experiences, LLC.


Corey Gibbs is Founder & CEO at Elite Entertainment Experiences, LLC. Gibbs graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences. Corey also received Master’s in Sport Management in 2007 from The University of Alabama! He received a PhD in Management from The Wharton School of Business. Corey began his career as COO with Need One Ticket, Inc. in Tuscaloosa.

In January, Corey Founded Elite Entertainment Experiences.

Elite Entertainment Experiences:

  • Provides a very select, carefully curated group of members the opportunity to maximize the value and return of their entertainment experience and hospitality budget through exclusive membership services
  • Forecasts future values and optimal transaction times for the acquisition and distribution of entertainment experiences via various proprietary algorithms and intellectual properties
  • Delivers unmatched, elite levels of client service, resulting in world-class levels of consumer experience for all E3 Members