MELT U Speaker Series Podcast
MELT U Speaker Series Podcast
Episode 93: Andrea Brimmer Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer at Ally Financial Inc.


Andrea Brimmer is Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer at Ally Financial Inc. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, where she also played varsity collegiate soccer for four years.

Andrea joined Ally in 2006, spearheading the creation of the Ally brand, developing everything from the brand pillars and cultural framework to the value proposition and delivery in the marketplace. Brimmer was named chief marketing officer in 2015.

In 2016, she launched the company’s first unified brand campaign, “Do It Right”, highlighting Ally’s unique focus on doing the right thing for customers. The campaign not only aligned the full scope of the company’s product offerings under one mantra, it also reflected the company’s internal culture and core values. “Do It Right” became a point of pride for Ally and resulted in the highest consumer brand sentiment and awareness in company history.

Brimmer is widely recognized as one of the country’s most innovative and effective marketing leaders.

Honors and Awards:

  • Andrea is the winner of Adweek’s 2020 Brand Genius awards for marketers who have skillfully led their brands’ messaging to new heights.
  • She has also twice been named to Forbes’ list of “50 Most Influential CMOs” and “100 Leading Women” by Automotive News.
  • Prior to joining Ally in 2006, Brimmer spent 20 years on the agency side in Detroit, where she led the Chevrolet account and launched the iconic American Revolution campaign!!