On my first day of interning at MELT I woke up early to take a shower, put on a sports jacket, button down and tie – eager to look sharp and make a good first impression. I got in my car and, after 45 minutes of rush-hour traffic, I made it to the office. When I opened the door, I looked around and immediately realized I was incredibly overdressed. Terrance didn’t hesitate to make a joke that I must “think I was better than him,” since I came dressed in a suit while most others were relaxed and comfortable in jeans and polos. I laughed and instantly realized this was going to be a great summer. The laid-back culture of MELT is awesome, and everyone is constantly joking, laughing and having a good time. But they also know how to flip the switch and put in a hard day’s work.
My first three weeks of working at MELT can best be described by the phrase “trial by fire.” My first assignment (about five minutes after I got there), was to get Lee a list of premium options for Bud Light to give away. I was confused but once I started asking questions I learned quickly. They don’t hesitate to throw you right into the mix, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only is this a chance to prove yourself right off the bat, but I also think that doing something you are not familiar with is the best way to learn. I’m currently on TEAM BADASS with Travis, Gigi and Chris, and am learning much more quickly than I ever have in any classroom setting. I’ve been learning from the other interns too; we all help each other out and collaborate on projects. I think the other interns are all great so far…even if Peyton is a little sassy.