2013 Final Four Atlanta
Wow! What a weekend of March Madness! Bracket-busters all around! Of course, the nation’s Cinderella, Florida Gulf Coast! If the team’s not on a charmed ride, consider the coach:

  • Self-made millionaire
  • Married to a supermodel
  • First coach to ever lead a 15th seed to the Sweet 16

Where does the line form for that gig?

We’ll see if “Cinderella’s magic” holds up against the withering spotlight this weekend. Cinderella teams are a double-edged sword for the TV networks and the Final Four. When it gets right down to it, and they’d never admit it, Cinderellas make a good story line, but in the end, it’s the big boys who draw the most eyeballs and out-of-towners to ATL.

Rachel Nichols had a great debut:

Recent ESPN refugee, Rachel Nichols, had a great debut during March Madness this weekend. Her reports were spot on and she got a ton of airtime, unlike that other ESPN refugee, Erin Andrews, who’s been banished to the West Coast!

Rating bearing full fruits of CBS/Turner marriage and integration:

It usually takes about three years for any deal to really bear fruit or mature and it’s safe to say that axiom holds true with the CBS/Turner marriage:

  • Ratings for first round are at an all-time high
  • Production values continue to strengthen & improve
  • On-court signage, in its debut has been integrated tastefully, saluting the student athlete and has not been offensive
  • Cross-pollination of talent has been tastefully and artfully balanced very well

Until next week, let “The Madness” continue!