“You’re in high school?” was probably the most common phrase I heard in my first week at MELT. Most people have never had to work with a high school intern before, so I think people originally had a difficult time finding appropriate tasks for me to work on. However, after the first day I began to receive more and more small tasks that I could help out with around the office. Although I have not been working on one specific project, I have helped out a little bit for different projects going on. I helped Peyton out with some tasks involving College Gameday, including brainstorming ideas for campus engagement and social media involvement. Sitting in meetings and listening in on conference calls has proven to be very beneficial for me to gain experience in marketing.
In these meetings and conference calls, I have been taking as many notes as possible in order to have something tangible to take away from my experience at MELT. The information being taught in the “lunch and learn” sessions will be very helpful for me in my transition from high school to college and eventually into the work world. Being in high school, I’ve never had real world experiences like this before so working on any sort of project facilitates my learning and understanding in numerous ways. I’m eager to learn more about the sports marketing industry, and each day at MELT I learn new things that can’t be taught in a high school classroom.