MELT is a young and small agency that produces great quality for major brands. Everyone knows each other in the office and also knows something special about them, which may not be the case in a big agency. This unique relationship strengthens the MELT team. On my first day, the entire office went out of their way to introduce themselves and integrate the interns into the team.
I have been interning for MELT for two weeks now and have learned more than I would in a semester at school. I have been working in the creative department. On my first day, I worked on a campaign that will be active in liquor stores in August. I also sat in on a conference call with the same company about the creative I made. It was something I would have learned about in class but MELT gave me the opportunity to actually experience it. Not only experience it, but also have my hands in it.
On top of that, I have already learned a lot about myself as a designer. It has been a while since I have had someone over my shoulder to push my design skills. David, the Creative Director, has already taught me so much. Since I already know most of Illustrator and Photoshop, I am learning more about the process flow and placement of things to make it represent the brand I am designing for. Design is something that is not easily shared because many people have different styles. I could tell from the first day on the job how much the team trusted me by the work they gave me. I have really enjoyed my first two weeks at MELT and look forward to the rest of the summer.