2013 Final Four Atlanta

Thursday, March 21st should be a national holiday! 

It’s the start of “March Madness” (well, actually it starts Tuesday, but you get my drift)! This hallowed tradition where even the most casual of basketball fan completes a bracket; logs onto their computer to watch the Thursday afternoon games or even sneak off to their local pub with office workers to watch the greatest three-week sporting event in the country.

Viewership is at it’s highest levels ever
It’s interesting to note that this regular season was the most viewed ever on ESPN, averaging 1,370,000 viewers per game over 135 games. I think that’s a tribute to what I’ll call the “reverse one-and-done rule,” where we are seeing the effects of players, who have opted to stay in college, compete and complete their collegiate basketball careers, thereby creating a rising tide effect of the level of play and competitiveness.

March Madness pulls in more than $1 Billion in annual TV ad spending
You don’t think “March Madness” means “money madness?” Then, think again. Kantar Media reports that more than $1 billion, yes, that’s with a “B,” will be spent in TV advertising this year. The mark was broken for the first time in 2012. This is the biggest ad spot spend of the year!

Let Dickie V call the Final Four!
If there is anybody who deserves to call a Final Four, it’s Dick Vitale! Now, I understand contracts, networks, talent, competitors, and all of those things, but if there’s anybody who deserves this shot, it’s “Dickie V, baby!” He’s devoted his life to the love of this sport; he’s raised millions for The V Foundation and arguably has done more to raise the profile of this sport. Can you imagine Nance, Kellogg & Vitale together? Now that’s March Madness!

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Vince Thompson
President / CEO