“Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater.” Luke 12:48

The verse above explains my personal philosophy on life and why I am humbled to be honored by the American Diabetes Association as one of their recipients of the 2015 Father of the Year Awards and I need your support!

The Annual Atlanta Father of the Year Awards is a high profile fundraising event sponsored by the American Diabetes Association (Association).  The Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. My fellow honorees include; Atlanta Hawks legend – Dominique Wilkins, Georgia State Head Basketball Coach – Ron Hunter, Chick-Fil-A Chief Marketing Officer – Steve Robinson and SecurAmerica  COO – John Adams.

There are several significant reasons why I chose to accept this honor and responsibility:

  • My father, Jack, is my role model. My father owned a grocery store for 16 years in a rural town of 800 with limited means. He made sure no family or child, regardless of their ability to pay, ever went to bed hungry. His giving spirit and commitment to his community made a lasting impact on me and instilled common and core values I practice daily. My son, Carter, drives me to ensure these values are passed down through generations. My former wife, Tracey, and I have worked hard to model successful co-parenting. Our desire is to set a good example, and teach our son that two people can disagree, yet show respect towards each other. Instilling family values my father instilled in me has already made an impact on Carter. While his future is unknown he is a very considerate young man.
  • The “Blind Side” was my life before a movie! We met Gwen and her children, Stefhan (age 10) and Chelsea (age 7) when we arrived in Atlanta in 2000 and in need of a babysitter. Tracey and I fell in love with them and immediately and for the past 15 we have made them part our family! When we met, Stefhan was very withdrawn and Chelsea was shy and suffering from lupus. I am proud to share their success now. Gwen is a homeowner and oversees childcare for MELT.  Stefhan is a critical team member of MELT graduating soon with a degree in computer technology. Chelsea is on scholarship at GSU about to graduate and preparing to attend law school! I’ve never told this story until now, but I am honored to have the privilege of sharing it with you. My theory is if I make a difference in one family now, the ripple effect for generations could be huge! With diabetes effecting 29.1 million Americans and specifically 1 in 2 Georgians I hope you can create your own ripple effect by supporting the Association. Education and lifestyle choices are crucial to lower this number and as leaders in the community it is our responsibility to help.

Fatherhood is and always will be my most important responsibility. It’s far greater than being CEO of MELT or any of the industry awards or accolades we’ve received over the past 15 years. Please join me and consider supporting the American Diabetes Association’s Father of the Year Awards. Enclosed are sponsorship opportunities and additional options listed on www.diabetes.org/AtlantaFOTY.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please contact Tiffany Kirkland, Associate Director at the American Diabetes Association at (404) 320-7100 x. 3096 or at tkirkland@diabetes.org.

To donate online click here or mail a check to ADA, 233 Peachtree St NE, Suite 2225, Atlanta, GA 30303.
To purchase event tickets or sponsorship click here

Thank you in advance for your support!

Vince Thompson