Congrats to my dear friend, Paul Finebaum, on his massive new book deal with HaperCollins!

The reported advance, an eye-popping north of $500k deal, is rarefied and usually reserved for ex-Presidents and major celebrities… which in the world of college football, Finebaum is.

Although Finebaum’s stock has been on the rise for quite a while, he’s worked hard for the three decades I’ve known him. Day in and day out: writing, speaking, radio… he’s worked tirelessly, now the nation and the folks in NYC are starting to take notice.

It’s all well-deserved.

The book, which will chronicle the history of Paul’s radio show, will also be a chronicle of the rise of the SEC, which Paul has chronicled and tracked as close as anyone. The book will be a “must-read” for college football fans everywhere.