Similar to how an athlete prepares for game day by watching film and scouting the competition, in the weeks before I started my internship at MELT I studied the company website, followed MELT on social media outlets and familiarized myself with the clients MELT works with. However, game day preparation can only get you so far and players can’t predict how a game will unfold. That same logic has proven true in my first two weeks as an intern on the Coca-Cola account. I never know what the day will hold and no day is the same.
The main focus of the Coca-Cola team right now is finishing up the NCAA championship season with the College World Series and planning for ESPN College GameDay in the fall. This has been really exciting for me to assist on because all of the strategies and concepts I learned in my college classes are being applied for real clients. It has also been very eye opening to see all of the little pieces of activation that work together to create an engaging fan experience for college sporting events. I’m only in the first quarter of the internship, but I already know it’s going to be a great game.