“BOOM!” is just one of the many words you can hear on a daily basis at MELT. Coming into an agency from the Atlanta Hawks, I knew the office environment was going to be a little different. However, what I have learned over the course of just two short weeks has far exceeded my expectations. Everyone assumes that coming into an agency you are going to be “the intern.” Here it is not like that. At MELT every “intern” is part of team and we go into every meeting bringing forth our own ideas, asking questions, and are genuinely looked at for perspectives from our millennial generation.
On my first and second day I met Doug, who was recently hired as the new Director of Social and Digital. The first thing he said was that he knew all about me and was excited to hear my ideas and get started. Having my DIRECTOR tell me that on the first day made me feel like I was meant to be here. I am a pretty open person and told him my goals and what I ultimately want to make of this summer. Doug was able to lay it all out and tell me what he was looking for as well. I immediately felt comfortable and now know that, whatever lies ahead, I have someone who I can go to. Since our team is still in the process of growing, we are seeking out other agencies to partner with on various projects moving forward. I have had the opportunity to sit in on every meeting and be an active participant in the conversation. I learn the best by doing, and from what I have been doing so far, who knows what I’ll learn this summer. Everything we have started planning so far is only going to get bigger and better and I’m excited to see where this summer takes me.