The WSP bracelet makes Weinman a sports marketer’s dream. The male, 18 to 39 demographic is the “holy grail,” said Vince Thompson, founder, chairman and CEO of MELT Sports & Entertainment, a sports marketing agency in Buckhead that’s worked with national brands including The Coca-Cola Co., Aflac and Holiday Inn.

“There’s a million different ways to maximize his earning potential,” Thompson said. “It could easily be worth seven figures.”

Poker is one of the most accessible sports, Thompson said. There’s an inordinate amount of skill needed, but anyone can win — unlike most other professional sports. The multi-day tournament also takes intense stamina and focus. That makes energy drinks like Monster and 5-Hour Energy prime candidates for sponsorship deals with Weinman, Thompson said.

“It looks very glamorous on television, but that grind is pretty phenomenal,” he said

Weinman could also find lucrative pay in online poker classes or being invited to play in VIP, celebrity poker experiences.

Thompson also has another hope: Weinman could be the face of a legalized gambling campaign in Georgia. Most gambling is illegal in the state. There have been multiple efforts to legalize sports betting, but it failed once again in the legislature in March.

“He won millions though legalized wagering,” Thompson said. “He could be a relatable spokesperson for that effort. We are leaving millions of dollars on the table.”

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