I am a former student-athlete graduate from the University of West Georgia with a degree in Sport Management, with a minor in marketing. During my time at West Georgia, I had the pleasure of continuing my athletic career as a volleyball player and making it to the GSC Conference Championship match my senior campaign. While being an athlete, I had the privilege to participate in the 2018 Melt U Summer Internship Program which kick started my career and passion to work in sports. From this amazing experience, this led to other professional opportunities including being Student Associate for Georgia Recreational Sports Association, an Event and Operations Assistant at The Coliseum at West Georgia, and becoming the Events Operation Intern at The Coliseum this past Spring.

Some advice I would give to the Melt U students is do not be afraid to be uncomfortable. One of the biggest ways I was able to grow professionally is that I put myself in uncomfortable situations that forced me to come out of my shell and develop skills that have helped me in other professional roles . This is definitely a learning experience about working in the sports industry, as well as learning information about yourself and how to use the tools during this internship to leverage yourself in the best way possible.