I went to Auburn University (BBA Marketing – 2018) and was in MELT U Class of 2017. I’m currently a Consumer Sales and Sports Marketing Specialist at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

I was brought onto the Consumer Sales team in October to head our Kiosk channel (Kiosk just means activation) and manage our partnerships with the Atlanta Falcons, United, Hawks, Braves, and Gladiators. I am also on the team tasked with implementing a strategy to monetize our digital content (be on the lookout for it soon). Everyone at the AJC really believes in our product and knows how important our content is to the community. So, check us out and support local journalism!

Key Learnings form MELT U/Advice for MELT U Students

  • NETWORKING & THANK YOU NOTES!!!!!!! I’m sure this will be pounded into your head just like it was ours, but it really makes a difference. After every coffee meeting/lunch/career fair/interview always send thank you notes! I got a response every time, most of them pointing out the thank you note, it actually does set you apart from the many other applicants.
  • Never give up. I didn’t land my job immediately after graduation, it took a few months and a lot of networking. Don’t be afraid to reach out to industry leaders and ask to grab coffee and pick their brains (they actually enjoy it). When you meet with them, your goal should be to learn as much as possible and leave with 3 new names to reach out to. Pretty soon, you’ll have a good network and a list of people who are willing to endorse you.


Good luck this summer, make it the best one yet!