Claire went to the University of Georgia (BBA Marketing – 2017) and was in MELT U Class of 2016 (interned the summer before Senior year). She is currently a project manager at HD Home at The Home Depot.

This is my second role at THD in which I am helping lead a new initiative to increase our share of the market and awareness among online décor customers. The Home Depot is not often a top of mind retailer for customers who are shopping for home décor products (textiles, area rugs, wall art, you name it) and we are working to change that! (shameless plug – go browse our site and see for yourselves!)


Key Learnings from MELT U

  • You can NEVER network enough. Every situation you are in, both personally and professionally, could be a networking opportunity if you put your best foot forward. You never know when a former classmate, family friend, or gym buddy could help you make a key connection to jump start the next step of your career. Many speakers from MELT U emphasized this to us and I’ve found it to be very valuable advice!
  • Explore opportunities that are scary! Even as a young professional, I have had moments in my career that made we want to take the easy way out instead of pushing myself to try something new. Whether it’s applying for a new position, getting the chance to present to a leader in your company, or even making a big move, it’s usually the scariest opportunities that end up paying off the most. I remember hearing MELT U speakers and MELT employees alike tell me about times where they completely changed course, started over in their careers, and wound up doing what they always wanted. I think it’s really inspiring to hear those stories and encouraging to know that nothing is out of bounds!


Best Advice for MELT U Students

  • Go the extra mile when you’re trying to make an impression. When you finish an interview, handwrite a note to the hiring manager thanking them for their time. Double and triple check your resume, then have others do the same. Have a personal business card ready to share. All of these things will help you stand out when you’re up against hundreds of other applicants!
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. So many people want to make a connection for you that you may not even think of – by reaching out to someone and simply asking for advice, you’ll likely get back so much more. Especially as you approach graduation and your first jobs, make sure to ask questions and keep learning from those around you! It works, I promise.


Hope you guys enjoy your internship – it’s going to be awesome!