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MELT produced the Top 200+ Internship Opportunities Guide for 2021!
In this week’s Newsletter, we highlight the release of Build Brand You
We also provide the Top 200+ Internship Guide for 2021
In this week’s issue: 

Release of Build Brand You!

Vince Thompson & MELT U’s Top 200+ Internship Opportunities for 2021

MELT U Podcast Series with Greg Powell & Sharon Byers

The Meltdown Ep.19: Craziness in College Football

Vince’s New Radio Interviews

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Vince Thompson & MELT U’s Top 200+ Internship Opportunities for 2021

MELT produced the top 200+ internship opportunities for 2021 for you!
This internship guide provides career websites, points of contact, email addresses, and an overall template to reaching out to these sport executives.
Now more than ever, it is important to get ahead of the game as COVID-19 has affected the hiring process.

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Build Brand You: Insights For Pursuing Your Dreams by MELT CEO Vince Thompson is a step-by-step guide to building the network, the résumé, and?most importantly?the mindset you need to stand out from the competition and win the job you want.
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Greg Powell is President/CEO of Fi Plan Partners. Fi Plan Partners is an investment firm specializing in financial planning, private wealth management and business consulting based in Birmingham, AL. “At Fi Plan Partners we use a unique process, called Your Financial House®, that considers all of these.

Sharon Byers is the CEO at Ongev. Ongev is the first-ever interactive digital healthcare company created by and for patients with chronic illness. Their mission is simple: Empowering a personalized journey for your healthcare. Sharon graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Finance and also attended Georgia State University for Post Baccalaureate for Accounting.

Sharon worked for The Coca-Cola Company for over 28 years and is an active leader in the Atlanta and Auburn communities.







Weekly Web series on YouTube hosted by Vince Thompson, covering the business of professional sports and college sports




Looking To Land Your First Job After College? Start Here


You’re going to college to get a good job. The problem is, there’s no class on How to Get A Job in college. And in today’s job market, making that leap from student to employee is going to be more challenging than ever.
That’s where this book comes in.
Build Brand You: Insights For Pursuing Your Dreams is a step-by-step guide to building the network, the résumé, and?most importantly?the mindset you need to stand out from the competition and win the job you want. Pre-order your copy now!!





Vince Thompson’s Recent Appearances!


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What’s MELT? 

It’s a high-powered sports marketing agency that’s based in Atlanta and works with the world’s biggest brands, teams, and events. MELT, which I founded in 2000, has become one of the nation’s leading sports marketing agencies, including a 20-year representation of The Coca-Cola Company, the activation of 17 (would have been 18) consecutive Final Fours, seven seasons of ESPN College GameDay, AFLAC’s sponsorship of The Southeastern Conference (SEC) and much more. We have won a collective 20 industry awards since 2017, including CEO of The Year, Event Marketer IT list of Top 100 Event Marketing Agencies, Chief Marketer’s Top 200 agencies, and many more. MELT and I sit in a unique position in the sports and college sports marketplace, offering insight into the significant business issues in sports and college sports.

What’s MELT U?
It’s a one-of-a-kind virtual internship program offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world of sports marketing. This Summer MELT U educated 1,100 students with 50 podcasts of industry leaders, live Lunch & Learns from my upcoming book, “Build Brand YOU.”  MELT U will now extend the offerings to be year-round and to include newsletters, video series, seminars, student-athlete branding, and much more.



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