ATLANTA — MELT (, the award-winning, Atlanta-based sports and entertainment marketing firm announced this week their collaboration with nonprofit group Safe Harbor Yes. The group worked with MELT to release a video PSA encouraging voters to choose yes on their ballots for The Safe Harbor Sexually Exploited Children Fund, known as Amendment 2.

The video, led by Joselyn Baker of Butler Baker Communications on behalf of the Safe Harbor Yes team and created by MELT showcases the importance of creating a safe recovery for sexually exploited children and communicates the necessity to vote for Amendment 2 in the state of Georgia during the upcoming 2016 election.

“We would also like to recognize [MELT] for their longstanding commitment to the issue of child sex trafficking and willingness to engage in this important issue that impacts families and communities throughout our state,” said a representative of the Safe Harbor Vote Yes team.

All teams involved have been moved by the video’s topical message and powerful delivery. MELT creative teams worked to ensure that the video illustrated both the need for and impact of dedicated funding for child sex trafficking victims.

“Melt is so proud to help this cause and raise awareness for this vitally important amendment,” said MELT Chairman/ CEO Vince Thompson.

See the video and learn more about the cause at