MELT U Speaker Series Podcast
MELT U Speaker Series Podcast
Episode 13: Jim Cavale Founder & CEO of INFLCR Inc

The founder and CEO of INFLCR Inc.,Jim Cavale, speaks to Vince about what the top three rules of social media are today. 

Jim Cavale is the founder and CEO of INFLCR INC. More than 15,000 pro and college athletes use the INFLCR app to access their pictures and videos in real-time from games, practices and other team-related activities. These 15,000 athletes then engage and share this storytelling content from their INFLCR app to their personal social media channels. Jim Cavale is a 3-Time INC. 5000 Entrepreneur, an annual award that INC. Magazine reserves for America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. His passion for people is at the core of everything he does in business and life.