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Top 5 Apps Every College Students Should Download

How to Vote as a College Student

Episode 13 of the MELTDOWN


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Top 5 Apps All College Students Should Download

With millions of apps to choose from in the App Store, it’s tough to figure out which ones are the best — especially if you have to pay for them. College students don’t have money to waste, so we researched for you.

1. Quizlet 
Quizlet is the studying aid every college student should have. You can create flashcards, play clever games designed to make you learn, test yourself, and even collaborate with other students.

2. StudyBlue 
If you’ve looked for a study app, you’ve probably encountered StudyBlue, a crowdsourced library including flashcards, notes, and study guides made by actual students in every single state in the U.S.

3. WhatsApp
Most college students are probably already aware of WhatsApp, but it’s so helpful for keeping in touch with distant friends and family that it can’t not appear on a list of the best apps for college students.

4. BetterHelp
BetterHelp is a service that pairs you with a therapist that you can have sessions with in any way you’re comfortable, whether it’s messaging, chat windows, a phone call, or a video call. Regardless of how you schedule sessions, you can message your therapist at any time — no appointment required.

5. Mint
You’re probably thinking, “Wait… isn’t Mint a financial app?” Yes. Yes, it is. So while you’re cash-strapped, now is a good time to work on your spending habits and Mint can help you do that. Mint can sync with your bank account, help you track your expenses, create a budget, and check your credit score.

We’re confident these 5 apps will help you get through your college years. What apps do you use as a student? Let us know by tweeting us @meltatl




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MELT U Episode #56: Edward M. Kull was named Interim Director of Athletics at Fordham on July 1, 2020. A former Senior Vice President at GENYOUth Foundation previously served as the Senior Director of Development and Senior Associate Athletic Director at Fordham University since May of 2017 where he was responsible for leading the annual and major gift fundraising efforts supporting 22 intercollegiate & club sports. LISTEN HERE

MELT U Episode #57: Steve Pacheco is the President/CEO of the American Advertising Federation. Pacheco is tasked with designing a future-forward organization consistent with the changes impacting the advertising landscape. His role will span the evolution of the AAF’s programs, services, and membership; volunteer engagement; and serving as the voice of the advertising industry through advocacy and lobbying on key issues from free commercial speech to the advancement of diversity and inclusion. LISTEN HERE



MELT U Podcast Series October Schedule

Coming this October on the MELT U Podcast series…

Tuesday 10/27
Rick Jones, “Head Captain” of Fishbait Marketing 

Thursday 10/29
AJ Maestas, Founder and CEO of Navigate Research 









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How to vote as a college student: “Voting as a college student can be confusing. Many students are both away from home and often voting for the first time. Add in the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, and voting in the 2020 election can seem overwhelming. But Karen Kedrowski, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics, said it doesn’t have to be. College students have a number of ways to vote.” READ MORE.

With no intramural sports, college students endure a depressing timeout: “The widespread suspension of intramural sports has made college students blue during the coronavirus pandemic. Schools have scrambled to add virtual eSports games, but in the world of Zoom, few are seeking an increase in blue-light computer time.” READ MORE

College students struggle to find internships in midst of pandemic:     “The pandemic has affected just about everyone and everything and that includes internships for college students. The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently found about 22% of employers have taken back internship offers..” READ MORE




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